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    A true heavy duty anchor sling. Made of doubled 1 23/32″ flat solid nylon webbing with 15,000 lbf. (66.7 kN) steel O rings sewn in each end. This is a “pass through” anchor strap with a 4″ (3″ I.D.) O-Ring on one end and a 2.25″ smaller O-Ring on the other end. You simply wrap the strap around your anchor point, pass the small ring thru the larger ring and clip a carabiner into the small ring to form a quick, high strength anchor point. Available in 48 in. and 96 in. lengths.   Made in the U.S.A.

    • MBS: End to end 10,000 lbf. (44.48 kN)
    • MBS: Basket configuration 20,000 lbf. (88.96 kN)
    • MBS: Chocker configuration: 8,000 lbf. (35.58 kN)
    • Weight of 48 in. strap. 24 oz.
    • Weight of 96 in. strap: 31 oz.