RNR Ares Lifeline

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    This super-durable, low-stretch rope features a unique sheath construction that inhibits picking and stays firm for effective handling despite the load. It’s strength, durability, and extreme low elongation make it the top choice for mainline, haul systems, and highline use. ARES Lifeline is constructed with 100% polyester fibers which offer significant advantages over mixed fiber static ropes. Inherently resistant to moisture, chemicals and UV rays, ARES is a workhorse even in the most harsh environments. ARES Lifeline is proudly made in the US by Sterling Rope Company.

    NFPA 1983: General


    Diameter (mm) Elongation at 300 lb (%)
    12.5 0.9
    Weight (lb/100′) Elongation at 10% MBS (%)
    8.0 7.0
    MBS Rating (lb) ABS Rating (lb)
    9,081 10,031
    MBS Rating (kN)