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Confidence Plus 2 is an effective germicidal cleaner that guards against all types of bacteria and viruses. It is Safe and used by many as a PPE and respiratory equipment cleaner.  MSA's Confidence Plus 2  is a quaternary ammonium based, EPA-registered (#47371-130-4204) disinfectant and is effective against multiple pathogens including SARS-associated Coronavirus. One bottle makes 32 gallons of disinfecting solution. Other features are it may be applied with a mop, sponge or spray. The Packaged Product does not have an expiration; Diluted product in solution is shelf-stable for up to one year. Always read your respirator instruction manual before cleaning and disinfecting. Confidence Plus can be used for cleaning, PPE, respiratory equipment, headgear, faceshields and hearing protection. May be wiped on hard surfaces or respirator cartridges and filters.