Cairns 1836 Painted Traditional Fire Helmet w/ Black Nomex Earlap and 6" Carved Eagle

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New Cairns 1836 Traditional Fire Helmet offers comfort, ease of adjustment, light weight, low ride height, and ease of cleaning. The Cairns 1836 Traditional Fire Helmet heralds in a new era of performance with innovative features, without compromising quality, durability, and safety that is expected from MSA Cairns.

  • One of the lightest weight traditional-style helmets on the market
  • Low ride height helps provide excellent comfort and balance
  • New anchor base for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Quick-connect soft goods and earlaps for ease of cleaning
  • New expanded and pivoting ratchet offers adjustable fit for diverse head sizes, hairstyles, and headwear
  • Designed for easy cleaning, can be taken apart in minutes for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Patent-pending Slid-Lok system means no specific tool is needed to assemble and disassemble the helmet
  • Large D-ring and clamp, design make storage and hanging of accountability tags easy, clamp securely fastens the edge trim to the helmet shell
  • Quick-Connect soft goods and earlaps, few hook and loop fasteners offer excellent durability while quick-connect system enhances ease of attaching or detaching for cleaning
  • Laser engraved labeling and RFID tag, improved helmet label durability and built-in RFID tag enable integration with FireGrid™, simplifying asset management

    Note: Image may not accurately reflect this helmet spec. For any questions, or to inquire about custom helmet options, please contact us