RNR Patient Packaging System

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The Rock-N-Rescue Patient Packaging System installed in your stretcher allows you to secure a patient in a fraction of the time it takes the traditional way. Color coded straps hold the patient securely, while wide stirrups hold them in place. Individual straps can be quickly repositioned in the field to accommodate patient injuries.

Quick connect buckles mean a fast, secure connection. You’ll never want to go back to the old way again.

Stretcher and manikin not included.

  • Buckles:
    • Weight: 3.3 oz.
    • Body Material: Aluminum
    • Tang Material: Plated Carbon Steel
    • MBS: 3,597 lbf. (16kN)
  • Webbing:
    • Material: Nylon
    • MBS: 4,000 lbf. (17.7kN)
  • Total Weight: 3 lbs.