RNR 8mm Sewn Prusik Loops

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Prusik loops are 8 mm Prusik cord sewn into 20″ (Green and Blue) and 24″ (Red and Orange) loops.  RNR Prusik loops are built for those who are looking for a no-knot solution for prusik minding pulleys.

Precision sewn loops form a sleek, low profile connection that is stronger than a knot. Clear tubing protects the stitches yet allows for easy inspection.

Made in the U.S.A.

  • Green and Blue loop length: 20 in.
  • Orange and Red loop length: 24 in.
  • Breaking Strength: 4,496 lbs. (20 kN)
  • Weight: 20" = 2.1 oz. / 24" = 2.4 oz.