H41 Interceptor Hood with Nomex Nano Flex

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The H41 Interceptor Structural Firefighting Hood boasts excellent situational awareness while reducing your exposure to potentially harmful fire ground carcinogens. Streamlined to reduce bulk, this extremely durable hood provides optimal comfort while maintaining breathability.

 Protect your crew’s vitality and welfare by staying proactive against unseen dangers: carcinogen exposure.

This classic hood design keeps the flames and heat at bay. Particulate blocking hoods use those same fundamentals and pair them with modern filtration technology to bring you the latest in PPE protection. 



    Naturally acts as an insulator while limiting the ability for heat to pass through.


    Hoods with filtration technology protect against smoke particles and potentially harmful carcinogens up to 4x better than classic hoods.


    Wicking and air flow allows heat to release away from your head making sure you're able to regulate your temperature.

We are proud to have pioneered the first particulate blocking hoods introduced to the fire service in 2016 in response to Fluorescent Aerosol Screening Test (FAST) results. Today, our H41 Interceptor Hood with Nomex Nano Flex remains the most sought after for its breathability, high thermal protection (TPP), and heightened situational awareness.