Cairns 1044 Traditional Fire Helmet With Tuffshield

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Because of shipping and availability issues due to Covid 19, please call 330.482.9300 for availability of this helmet. If not in stock, please allow 10 weeks for delivery. 

The deluxe 1044 includes:

• 4" Tuffshield
Black Nomex ear flap
• Carved eagle shield holder
• Reflexite trim
• Market-leading 5-year shell replacement warranty.
• Non-corroding, high-temperature-resistant faceshield/goggle hardware.
• Rugged, high-temperature edge will not melt or drip.
• Easy front headband adjustment for proper SCBA mask fit.
• Simple rear ratchet height adjustment to fit all head sizes.
• Headband size (6-3/8 to 8-3/8 fits a wide variety of head sizes.
• Durable helmet hanger fits on large hooks and resists bending.
• Minimal parts for lower service cost and easier maintenance.

Shell Release System
• Cairns-exclusive system provides an extra margin of safety – demand it!
• Water-based foam for resistance to high heat and flame.

Impact Cap Performance
• Part of a complete helmet system.
• Provides increased thermal and impact protection.
• Tube-lock system, instrumental in absorbing the shock of an impact.