Cairns 1010 Traditional Fire Helmet with Bourke

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Introducing the Cairns 1010 Traditional Fire Helmet with Bourke, a product that embodies the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and safety. This deluxe version of the 1010 model is designed to provide superior protection and comfort for firefighters in the most challenging environments.

The Cairns 1010 Traditional Fire Helmet with Bourke is equipped with a Bourke Eye Shield, a feature that provides excellent eye protection without compromising visibility. This shield is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist impact, ensuring your eyes remain safe even in the most intense firefighting scenarios.

Inside the helmet, you'll find a flannel inner liner that offers both comfort and additional protection. This soft yet durable material helps to cushion the head against impact while also providing an extra layer of insulation against extreme heat.

The helmet also includes a Black Nomex ear flap, designed to increase neck and ear coverage and protection. Made from flame-resistant Nomex material, this ear flap ensures your ears are shielded from heat and flames while you're hard at work saving lives.

One of the standout features of this helmet is its carved eagle shield holder. Not only does this add a touch of traditional aesthetic appeal, but it also serves as a robust holder for your identification shield.

The helmet's exterior boasts Reflexite trim, which enhances visibility in low-light conditions. This feature ensures you can be easily spotted by your team members or other emergency responders even in smoke-filled or dimly lit environments.

The Cairns 1010 Traditional Fire Helmet with Bourke is constructed from a Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass composite. This lightweight yet high-performance design is reinforced with two layers of ballistic-grade Kevlar for maximum durability. The tough, fiberglass-reinforced, hi-temp composite resists cracking and chipping under extreme conditions.

The helmet features non-corroding, high-temperature, glass-filled polymer faceshield/goggle hardware that can withstand intense heat. The ultra high-temperature (TPR) edge trim will not melt or drip, providing an additional layer of protection.

The helmet's Nomex chinstrap is designed for quick and easy adjustment with a one-hand quick release buckle and postman slide. This feature allows for rapid donning and doffing, saving precious time in emergency situations.

The patented shell release increases neck and head protection, while a high-temperature foam cap increases thermal and impact protection. The helmet also features a higher temperature impact cap liner that resists distortion at higher temperatures.

The exclusive SCBA interface front headband adjustment matches the fit of any SCBA mask, ensuring compatibility with your existing equipment. The three-position rear ratchet height adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all head sizes between 6-3/8 and 8-3/8 inches.

In conclusion, the Cairns 1010 Traditional Fire Helmet with Bourke is a testament to the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and safety. It's not just a helmet; it's a trusted companion in the line of duty.