Turnout Gear Inspection and Repair

Fire Force works in partnership with Shamrock Gear & Repair. You can visit the Shamrock website at: www.shamrockgear.org.

Opening in 2003, Shamrock is a full service turnout gear inspection, repair and maintenance facility. Shamrock Gear and Repair is a firefighter owned company in business to provide service to firefighters. Shamrock Gear & Repair's first and foremost focus is the safety of the individuals whose lives they help to protect. Whether it is directly by the firefighters whose gear we handle or, indirectly by the families that rely on their firefighter to be safe. They care for the well being of all affected by our services.

Shamrock strives to meet and exceed the standards set forth by NFPA 1851, the manufacturers and the fire industry. All the while, we work to go above and beyond the expectations of their customers.